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Maxwell Anderson
See You Soon
SC, 19,5 x 25 cm., o.pp., Ltd. Ed. of 500 copies
Bemojake 2010

Young British photographer Maxwell Anderson's first photobook (produced by his own publishing project Bemojake) is a bittersweet tribute to a girl-moved-away. His own spare words in the last pages of the book serve as a nice supplement: "We met during late spring. She was sitting alone, smoking a cigarette and gazing at the sky. I was immediately compelled to photograph her. We had a few chance meetings. She enjoyed wandering by the Thames at night. I started to join her. She came to live with me in my small flat in Peckham. We didn't go out much; sometimes we would just read together. At the end of the summer she had to leave London when her visa expired. After I watched her walk through the departures gate at Heathrow, I drove home. The sky was beautiful. I imagined what a beautiful last view she would have of England. I realised how much I would miss her. I haven't seen her since." Fresh in its feeling and design but wise in its poetic perspective, this brand-new book comes highly recommended!


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