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Yto Barrada
A Life Full Of Holes
The Strait Project
HC 19 x 24 cm., 70 pp.
Autograph 2005

Sorry, sold out. Endlich können wir diesen schönen Katalog aus London präsentieren!
Yto Barrada gehört zur Auswahl der Nominierten für den Deutsche Börse Fotografie-Preis 2006.

"A whole section of the population, that of the North of the country, has forsaken its hopes of emancipation. Thus, one's dream of departure, everybody's dream, has been resonating like the whisperings of a conspiracy, the conspiracy of a country which, silently, is about to empty itself. The uncertainties of the economic and social mutations that Morocco is going through, call for documentary approaches. The question of modernity is far from being elucidated; choosing Tangier and its periphery corresponds to an attempt to clarify it. Disillusion and disenchantment shape the urban landscape of Tangier and act as dissonances." Camera Austria -

"I have sought to suggest the metonymical character of the Strait in this series, by insisting in my images on the tension between allegory and snapshot. Strait is another word for the temptation of departure, and a commonplace (which has become a common bond), ceaselessly agitating the streets of Tangier.
We are in the era of suspicion. Our Moroccan cities are shaped by urban migrations, but also by and for tourism; these two great mass movements which are directly connected to the machinery of globalization." Yto Barrada / Witte de With -

"The Strait steht somit auch politisch zentral im Kontext der Diskussion der Flüchtlingspolitik Europas." Gregor Jansen, Springerin -


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