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Harvey Benge
Killing time in paradise
HC, 15 x 22 cm., 70 pp., im Schuber, 1 Print,
Ed of 50 copies 2005

One of the few photographers that today does as much for the poetics as for the philsophy of photography. This small book, concentrating on Harvey Benge´s Journeys through Europe and Asia, helps to further expand our understanding of visual language ..

"Harvey Benge is a photographer with an eye for non-places. He finds them in diverse world cities such as London, Paris, Bangkok and Melbourne. At spots, which many would walk right past, he photographs details for his investigation into universal urban life. A door bell, neon lights, a shop window - they are what he calls 'parallel signs' which occur everywhere in the world. Sporadically they betray something of their geographic location, but for the most part there appear to be hardly any cultural differences among world cities." Noorderlicht

50 numbered copies with one print (front cover) in a slipcase.


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