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Machiel Botman
HC, 22,5 x 28,5 cm., o.pp. 2004

Beautiful third publication of dutch photographer Botman. Having come back from his journeys he has produced a strong book on childhood, family and friendship.

"Self-taught, Botman works instinctively, photographing in black and white, creating images that are as much about himself as who, what and where he photographs.  Ever since he made his first photograph at the age of 12, photography has always been a very intimate experience for Machiel Botman.  He does not pursue commercial work nor does he accept commissions.  Botman photographs the people and places in his life that affect him. From the portraits of his friends and relatives to the pictures of strangers he meets to the gestural images of the landscapes he passes through, Botman's images evoke a world of interconnectedness without relying on overly poetic sentiment." Tom Gittermann Gallery -

"Il photographie comme il respire et il a ce savoir-faire incroyable d' imposer des èvidences de visions qui se concrètisent dans des tirages doux, sensuels, vibrants." Agence Vu -

"Het werk van Machiel Botman (Nederland, 1955) is autobiografisch en zwart-wit en wordt gekenmerkt door intimiteit, warmte en betrokkenheid. De foto's, waarin relaties, vriendschappen en persoonlijke reizen een grote rol spelen, ontstaan veelal intuïtief." Noorderlicht -


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