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Bruce Davidson
HC ,31 x 25,5 cm., 124 pp.
St. Ann's Press 2003

"In the late 20'th century, before Messrs Giuliani and Bloomberg reduced it to a santised, litigious pastiche of its former self, New York City was one of the most exhilarating, creative and downright dangerous cities on earth. Riding the subway armed with his camera in the early 1980's, Bruce Davidson captured this vibrant and violent era in his photogrphs- when hip hop culture was first emerging and graffiti was sreading across the city via the subway lines like a hieroglyphic virus. Long out of print, this new edition of Subway includes over 40 unpublished shots and a foreword by Fab Five Freddy, a legendary figure in NY street and club lore. Filled with moody and intimate shots of bankers. beggars, fly-boys, hookers and hoods as they traverse the city, this book is a journey through New York's dark heart." aus Wallpaper 04.04


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