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Stefano De Luigi
HC, 23 x 30 cm., 132 pp.
Trolley Books 2010


In 2007, when Stefano De Luigi presented his project on blindness to the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography, he wrote: "What is the color of blindness? I have often wondered when I see a blind person, his faraway gaze is so different from the gaze of sighted person, a gaze that is distracted and wanders all over the place. What colour? What intensity? Today his lengthy search for an answer is over and he has chosen Blanco (White) as the title of the book in which he has brought his collection of photographs together. White like the blinding light and consequent temporary affliction of the people in the Jose Saramango novel "Blindness." De Luigi's search for an answer to the many questions raised by such a dramatic reality took him to the four corners of the world over a period of four years. (Giovanna Calvenzi)


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