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Katharina Hesse
Human Negotiations
HC, 41 x 29 cm., o.pp.
Three Shadows 2011


"With this very handsome publication and Katharina Hesse?s tale of prostitution brought alive by writer Lara Day, this is an excellent first book." Martin Parr

"This project, and the beautiful new book that represents it, takes a novel approach to a subject as old as time. The photographs are intimate, colorful and powerfully sensual and empathetic. The words are profound and allow for the voices of their subjects. This book is a great example of documentary work that takes you into the lives and thoughts of the subjects and reveals a world few get to witness." Ed Kashi, VII Photo

"So much of the debate around exploitation in this industry is clouded by prejudice that women are rarely portrayed as nuanced individuals or agents. Hesse and Day offer an extremely refreshing take on sex work and sex workers, which deliberately tries not to judge nor locate it within a hierarchy of professions." Caroline Hames, Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

"What Hesse and Day present in Human Negotiations is a unique and highly personal look at a facet of the sex industry rarely documented before, challenging the perception of women and sex. It is both emotionally powerful and poignant, with its visual rhythm reflecting the lives the women live and the city which forms the backdrop to this story. But it does not seek to answer all the questions raised: instead, Hesse and Day present a stepping off point from which a larger dialogue may begin." Wayne Ford


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