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Osamu Kanemura
Spider's Strategy
HC 29 x 24 cm.
Osiris 2001

Without obi, no belly band!

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage nach Kanemura-san bieten wir jetzt wieder Spider's Strategy, dieses perfekt gemachte Buch an. Das glatte Design und perfekte Äussere des Buches bändigt die wilden spinnenweb-artigen Bilder aus dem Großraum Tokyo kaum.
Sogar in Japan ist das Buch schon vergriffen, wir bieten die letzten Exemplare.

"Osamu Kanemura supports his work in photography by delivering newspapers throughout Tokyo. While traveling his extensive route each day for the last three years, he made numerous black-and-white photographs of the crowded streets, the collage of old and new buildings and street signs, and the massive traffic in commercial goods. His dark, graphically dense, and tangled pictures capture the pace and material essence of a city that is more a product of unchecked growth than of design." MOMA -


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