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Kilimanjaro / Issue 5
Good Enough To Eat
SC 34 x 49 cm.
Kilimag 2005

The forthcoming issue of Kilimanjaro is titled 'Good Enough To Eat'. The goal of this issue is to take an insightful, at times irreverent and, at other times, challenging look at modern food culture through a combination of words and images ? Kilimanjaro style. Here we explore various aspects of food in society ? from the reoccurring theme of food in film to the significance of breastfeeding - from the fine art of food fighting to the developing interest in raw food diets. We look at dinner parties and illegal appetites, products endorsed by celebrities and more. With images from Dan Tobin Smith (Wallpaper, Arena homme plus), Geoffroy de Biosmenu (Numero, Purple, Citizen K) Stephen Lewis (W magazine, New York Times) and contributions from Turner Prize winning artists Chris Ofili, Alexander McQueen, Patrick Burgoyne, Rachel Thomas, Hardy Blechman and Rifle maker, graffiti artist Crimi'en and Tate Modern, Ritz and the V&A.


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