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David Maisel
HC 31 x 31 cm.
Nazraeli 2007

"As we cast a critical eye upon the megalopolis of Southern California, it is necessary to remind ourselves that there is still a heart beating within it. Indeed, a million hearts, with all the souls and dreams of the bodies powered by those hearts: the city as living, breathing organism, constantly breaking down and constantly replicating." - David Maisel

The 15 aerial photographs of Los Angeles that make up Oblivion are distressingly beautiful, their post-apocalyptic feeling enhanced by reversed-out tones.

Um auch die anderen Projekte von David Maisel, und vor allem ihn selbst kennen zu lernen gibt´s ein spannendes Interview auf Und einige Bemerkungen von Christian Patterson über seinen Besuch bei David Maisel gibt´s in seinem blog "Speak, See, Remember".


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