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Models. A collection of 132 German police uniforms and how they should be worn.
Mit Fotografien von Collected & Edited by Erik Kessels, Design: Jennifer Skupin, Maurice van den Ven
SC in box, 16 x 32 cm., o.pp.
KesselsKramer 2005

During the course of one year in the 1970s, Germany undertook a comprehensive photography project. In order to instruct police officers in every district and region of Germany how to wear their specific police uniforms, proper reference was needed. Models were photographed to show exactly when and how to wear uniforms for different ranks, seasons and occasions. The project is collected in the book entitled, 'Models' and gives a close up look at, for example, how a female police officer should wear her Summer Service Uniform as well as how to wear her raincoat in the case of inclement weather. No matter if you're a standby traffic officer, part of the helicopter squadron or a medium-level horseman, Models provides the reference for the correct style of outfit.

Models features 132 German uniforms and how they should be worn. It is a unique reference book pulling together all these designs from different regions for the first time. While showing the different styles, each region's identity is newly in display through the particular elements and look of their particular uniforms. Models is released in a boxed limited edition of 800.


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