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Rika Noguchi
Rika Noguchi: Czech Republic, Cyprus
In - between 13
HC 20 x 17 cm.
EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2005

Photographed in the Czech Republic:
A February blanket of snow. The photographer chose for her subjects such small country towns as Karlovy Vary and Cheb. She has captured toylike houses and unvarnished nature alike with a curious charm that mixes old familiarity and an uncharted freshness.

Photographed on Cyprus:
Burdened by a complex history, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus remains divided north and south. Noguchi has explored the length and breadth of the southern Republic of Cyprus from the capital of Nicosia, still marked by strife, to its small mountain villages where a life of simplicity continues. Her striking images stand out in the memory of the viewer.


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