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Shinro Ohtake
1974 - 1975
SC 21 x 28 cm., ca. 300 pp., english/japanese
Aoyama 2002

Mittlerweile ein gesuchtes Künstlerbuch des wilden Meisters.

Watercolors, drawings, collage, black-and-white and color photography, from rural Japan in the seventies. Ohtake's punk spirit is not not so much in his pictures, which are fairly quiet, but in this wild and lively book, which looks like a micture between Provoke and Punk Picasso. When he was 18 years old, Ohtake went to work in the country side in eastern Hokkaido. After one year he had earned enough money, and after he had got back home, he took of for London to become an artist. From the last experience came the book "UK77, Digging my way to London".

"Shinro Otake, art world dissident and respected master. An infamous hermeticism has done nothing to extinguish artist Shinro Otake's fiery punk spirit." Little More -

"One of my favourite artists." Yoshimito Nara -


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