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Ken Schles
Oculus - Limited Editions
HC, 22 x 31 cm., 96 pp. in slipcase wth 2 prints
KS 2011

1.) SLIP-CASED EDITION - 80 slipcased, signed and numbered books (+5 ap's)
2.) LTD ED. # l with a print - Ed. of 20 slipcased signed and numbered with an 8x10" fiber pigment print (+5 ap's). Your choice of two separate images.
3.) LTD ED. # ll with 2 prints - Edi. of 15 slipcased signed and numbered books containing two 8x10" fiber pigment prints (+5 ap's). These two images do not appear in the book, but complement it beautifully...

to purchase, please contact Ken directly (and tell him, that you've seen it at


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