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Jacob Aue Sobol
HC, 23,5 x 35 cm., 120 pp.
Sobol 2004

"Sobol originally set out to take photographs in Tiniteqilaaq. Even the name of the place implies the ends of the earth: the strait that runs dry at low tide. After five weeks he had had enough. He took his black and white photographs and headed home - albeit with the sense that his village portrait was distorted. Four months later he returned to face a society that had far more layers and levels of meaning than he had seen at first.
And that is when Greenland captures him. The mountain landscape lies transparent and luminous, and the frozen waters lure him. He makes friends among the hunters, who take it upon themselves to train him. When this new existence suddenly starts to function ? despite the arctic cold he can provide himself with food ? the pampered motherland to the south shrinks into the pallid past and he resolves to test his strength against East Greenland?s basic, existential challenges. But behind this decision lies his true motivation: Falling in love with Sabine." Finn Thrane--

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