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Andreas Trogisch
photo folder #4 from 6 folders
SC, 24 x 30 cm., 36 pp., Ltd. Ed. of 100 copies
Peperoni 2011


"His 1st two photo folders 'Von Ferne' and 'Magico' have enchanted us. The new folders are called 'Mercedes' and 'Technik' and lead us deep into the fabulous world of Trogisch. Like the previous maps they are published in an Ed. of 100 numb. and signed copies.
Perfect in image design the photographs remain mysterious in a fascinating way. Andreas Trogisch does not cheekily present the viewer what he missed. He himself looks, marvels and wonders the most, what visual stimulations and peculiarities the world has to offer him , in his street or 5000 miles from home. That makes his images so great and unique.
Simultaneously to 'Technik' the photo folder #3 under the name of 'Mercedes' is published. Two further folders will complete the cycle in the summer of 2011." (peperoni)


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