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Takashi Yasumura
Domestic Scandals
HC 24,5 x 25 cm.
Osiris 2005

A first book of Takashi Yasumura who won Canon New Cosmos of Photography in 1999. A slight sense of incompatibility is expressed through the photoraphs concerning daily life, such as a bonsai, a phone, an ashtray, etc, taken at and around his family home. Brand New Copy.
Text in English and Japanese. First edition.

"This work aims to express doubts about the quality of "everyday life. "Ordinary scenes, such as familiar places in the house, and the surroundings which we usually don't pay attention to, are no longer familiar sights when presented in photographs. I understand that the quality of everyday life is gone just like an illusion there. The quality I normally notice disappears in the detached photographic timeframe, and that very disappearance surfaces a questionable quality of "everyday life" in my mind. I believe that photography is a means to reveal what we do not usually recognize. When I visit people, I wonder why what looks unusual to me are taken for granted as their daily affairs. What are accepted as daily practices among family members often look strange or funny to other people. Through this work, I would like to realize that the quality of "everyday life" in to me is make-believe." Canon -

With texts by Martin Jaeggi and Shino Kuraishi.


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