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Beaumont's Kitchen
Lessons on food, life, and photography with Beaumont Newhall
Mit Fotografien von Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Beaumont Newhall, Janet Russek, Ralph Steiner, Paul Strand, Todd Webb, Edward Weston, Minor White, essay by David Scheinbaum, contributions by MaLin Wilson-Powell, Amy Conger, Christopher Rocca, Jeanne Adams, Milton Esterow, Diana Edkins, Stuart Ashman, Elizabeth Glassman, Thomas Barrow, Mary Alinder and Bill Jay
HC with acetate jackett, 19,5 x 26,5 cm., 180 pp.
Radius 2009

?One evening in 1956 our friend Andrew Wolf burst into our house in Rochester with the startling news that he had bought a weekly suburban paper, The Brighton-Pittsford Post. He explained that he planned to report local news and publish columns on a variety of subjects, such as reviews of the theater, concerts, motion pictures, and cooking. ?You?ll be the food editor,? he told me! ?What! I can?t do that!? ?Why not? I know you can write because I like to read it. You can cook well, because I like to eat it.?
?from Beaumont Newhall, Focus: Memoirs of a Life in Photography, Bulfinch Press, 1993


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