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Espen R. Krughaug
Before Dawn
HC, numb. ed. of 1,000 copies, incl. CD by
Orange Dark.
Krughaug 2009


Espen Krughaug contacted us in february and we're happy to present "Before dawn" with night images from all over the world - in a nicely done book. Somehow, without knowing too much about the background of the work, the images have a sort of skater-like feel of being close to street level, or working late at night on graffitis, but apart from a lot of great moods and scenes there is some eerily focused details, that stick out as unhomely reminders of sleepless nights.

Espen Krukhaug was born in October 1978, in a small town called Fetsund, just outside of Oslo. Though photography started out as a hobby, it led to the release of his first book ?Skinhead? in 2004. This book portraits the non-political skinhead-scene in Norway.  After this release, Espen wanted to pursue his interest and moved to London.  And in 2008 he published the book ?Before Dawn?, the book features an introduction by Phillip Chevron, from the band The Pouges.  And In collaboration, the experiment/ambient-band Orangedark  composed music inspired by the photos. He works with installations, photography and video.


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