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Olaf Otto Becker
Broken Line. Grönland
HC, 35 x 28 cm., 152 pp.
Hatje Cantz 2007

Nach dem Schaden Bestseller "Unter dem Licht des Nordens" freuen wir uns das Olaf Otto Becker beim renommierten Hatje Cantz Verlag den wavebreaker "Broken Line" publiziert hat. Sofort ausgezeichnet mit einem der Preise für das schönste deutsche Fotobuch.

Becker tries to find new facets in the tradition of landscape depiction, and to do so in his latest series, Broken Line, he has made many long journeys in a rubber dinghy along the lonely coast of Greenland, at the mercy of nature and its rigors. The resulting photographs, captured in long exposures in the clear light of the midnight sun, are practically shadowless dreamscapes of unreal beauty, idealized images of the Nordic landscape.


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