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Raymond Depardon
Paris Journal
HC 20 x 24 cm., 530 pp.
Hazan 2004

"Raymond Depardon has helped revolutionize photojournalism in France over the past 30 years. His first photographs were taken on his parents' farm in 1954. After working for the Delmas agency (1960-1962), in 1967 he founded the Gamma agency with Gilles Caron, Hubert Henrotte and Hugues Vassal. As a press photographer he has carried out assignments all over the world, from Chile to Chad and Venice to Afghanistan. A witness to the revolution in Chad, in 1978 he published the collection Tchad. Around the same time, he joined the Magnum agency, of which he is currently European vice-president. He has covered nearly all the leading events of the past twenty years, from Vietnam to the fall of the Berlin wall and the Lebanon war." Fondation Cartier --

"A largely self-taught photographer who learned through experience in the field, Depardon belongs to a generation of French photographers reluctant to overinterpret their subjects. In the long run, the photographer could only be absolutely sure of his or her own identity, which is why several of Depardon's publications are autobiographical. His wide range has enabled him to approach with equal talent news, sports, war photography, in-depth reportage, and advertising. His current interests are film-making and numerous photographic projects."
Magnum Photos --


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