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Haraldur Jonsson
TSOYL - The story of your life
SC, 33 x 24 cm., o.pp.
Uturdur 2010


Icelandic Art News' description of Haraldur Jónsson as a sculptor and installation artist sheds much light on his identity as a photographer: "His works sometimes seem to have been made from nothing at all. His pieces and installations seem to map intangible webs and fleeting thoughts that hover at the edge of consciousness, the emotions that form the intangible accompaniment to our lives, sometimes fleeting, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes restrained, sometimes out of our control." Seemingly hardly aesthetically-tweaked photographs show us a depiction of Icelandic life just as honestly portrayed. Here, as Miriam Bäckström writes in the back of Mr. Jónsson's book, are "things that never happened, images never seen, memories never lived, a life never performed, a future that never was." Many photographers have represented moments as tiny as these (a wet sock on the street, a hospital corridor, a head of hair), but none with such nonchalance and so little aesthetic anxiety. Refreshing and thought-provoking.


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