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Jens Liebchen
Playing Fields
SC, 30 x 43 cm. , o.pp.
Heckenhauer 2005

Designed by Winfried Heininger, with a text by Gerry Badger. This magazine with images from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Armenia brings in exemplary images the hidden traces in those places where geopolitics is at work in search of power and oil.

In seiner neusten Arbeit (bei der Galerie Heckenhauer in Magazin - Form erschienen) fokussiert Jens Liebchen in großformatigen Fotografien die stille Infrastruktur und die peripheren Lokalitäten des new Great Game, jene Orte, die eng verknüpft sind mit dem geopolitischen Spiel um die Verteilung von Ressourcen im Kaukasus und Zentral-Asien.

"Liebchen has attempted to conjure up a metaphor for what is happening in the area, seeking to make visible the invisible by photographing the invisible. He has decided to make use of one of photography's abiding traits, its transfigurative power, whereby the close forensic scrutiny of an ordinary object can yield a multiplicity of interpretive clues for sifting by the cultural archaeologist or the open minded, perceptive viewer."
Gerry Badger -


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