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Taiji Matsue
Taiji Matsue: United Kingdom, Slovakia
In - between 7
HC 20 x 17 cm.
EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2005

Photographed in the United Kingdom:
These are Matsue's first color photographs after a long run of black-and-white urban photography and this the first collection of color work by him. Ranging from London to the highlands of northern Scotland, Matsue's photographs depict the distinctive local scenery of Britain with a consistency of vision.

Photographed in Slovakia:
Matsue traveled throughout the 430-kilometer breadth of Slovakia to photograph the large apartment blocks built during its Communist period, its old private homes of wood and the 2,000-meter peaks of the Tatra mountain range.

"Matsues Bilder erzählen vom Widerstand des menschlichen Auges - und der Natur - gegen die Standardisierung." Lothar Albrecht -


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