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Chihiro Minato
Chihiro Minato: France, Greece
In - between 2
HC 20 x 17 cm.
EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2005

Photographed in France:
Minato's subject was the Imprimerie Nationale in the 15th arrondissement, of Paris which closed its doors this June in the economic aftermath of European integration after several centuries of printing the country's official documents. These photographs constitute valuable documentation recording the final days of the printing house that has turned out so much of the historical memory of Europe.

Photographed in Greece:
Minato's photographic journey tracked the origins of European civilization through the Greek capital of Athens; Delphi, the site central to the cult of Apollo; and the base of Olympus, one of the world?s most ancient sacred sites, where Zeus and 11 other gods are said to dwell.


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