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Mike Slack
HC, 18 x 24 cm., o.pp.
The Ice Plant 2006

"OK OK OK came about because I was compelled to do something with all these Polaroids I was making. Lately I pay a lot of attention to public architecture, strip malls and stuff like that, which is not really the kind of architecture you're supposed to pay attention to. These cheap, featureless, multi-function buildings are designed to be ignored, like Muzak. It's there and you just hum along unconsciously while you're entering your PIN or validating your parking stub. You can visit one of these bright new retail complexes anywhere in North America and have absolutely no idea where you've been. It's an enormous Nowhere and most of it will end up in a landfill within 50 years. I despise it, and yet I'm also amused and intrigued by it. We're surrounded by all these subtle absurdities...I like the idea that someone might enjoy the book without having any clue as to why it exists." Mike Slack on -

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