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Liselotte Strelow
Retrospektive 1908 - 1981
HC, 25 x 31cm., 320 pp., 282 ill. in Duplex
Hatje Cantz

Liselotte Strelow was a household name in Germany in the years of postwar reconstruction and the ?economic miracle.? She took portraits of important personages from the world of business and politics, and of prominent authors, painters, musicians, actors, and architects. From Gottfried Benn to Hans Werner Henze, Jean Cocteau, and Ernst von Salomon, and from Hermann Hesse to Oscar Fritz Schuh, Joseph Beuys, Oskar Kokoschka, Salvador Dali, and Hans Scharoun. From Hildegard Knef to Marlene Dietrich, Helene Weigel, Elisabeth Flickenschildt, and Ingeborg Bachmann, as well as Theodor Heuss. There is no end to the list of names.
Liselotte Strelow?s photographic style set standards. It is not an exaggeration to claim that ?the one and only Strelow? decisively influenced the public perception of central protagonists from this era in the history of postwar Germany. On the centennial of her birth, this monograph analyzes the artistry and working method of this superb photographer in numerous and partially never-before-published photographs and documents.


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