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Frank Breuer
Logos Warehouses Containers
HC,14 x 30 cm., o.pp. 2005

"Ces êtres purement mathématiques, au graphisme gai, coloré, massif et immédiatement reconnaissable servent de repères au pèlerin moderne au volant de sa voiture." Jousse -

Frank Breuer has been recording standardized industrial spaces in Germany, Holland and Belgium for five years with his large-format camera. Architecture in the predominantly urban cultivated landscape becomes the central element in Breuer's photographs. Breuer's interest in modular structures resides in the reduced formal relationships and monochrome sequencing within the photographs themselves.

Parallel to his investigation of generic buildings, Breuer is also interested in commercial trademarks, logos and signs. As identification props for consumer products, one's ideals and desires are closely linked to trademark names whose logos confront us in virtually all areas of daily life from packaging and magazine advertisements to giant billboards. Breuer sees such signs as having no clearly defined size, and just as in photography, scale can be lost.


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