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Andreas Trogisch
photo folder #2 from 6 folders
SC, 24 x 30 cm., 36 pp., Ltd. Ed. of 100
numb. copies
Peperoni 2010

"Andreas Trogisch is not only a discoverer, as a photographer he is a discovery! Unbelievable that his exquisite photographs, which has generated in the past 30 years, have snoozed in secrecy.
Now finally parts of his comprehensive work will be published in a series of six consecutive photo folders. All issues are published in an ed. of 100 numb. and signed copies. The 2nd folder is called 'Magico' and contains 27 b/w-photogr., which have emerged at different places of the world between 1991 and 2009.
In fact the photographs in 'Magico' have a magical aura, they seem to be mysterious and poetic at the same time. Like in his first photo folder 'Von Ferne' ('From fare away')Trogisch creates autonomous pictures of a huge visual power.: 'I see riddles which I maybe don?t want to solve at all. But the images maintain their validity'.
Simultaneously to 'Magico' the photo folder #1 is published under the name 'Von Ferne'. Four further folders will be published in rapid succession till the summer of 2011." (peperoni)


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