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Stefan Bladh
The Family. 2002 - 2009
HC, 25 x 30 cm., o.pp., 1st printrun
Nouvel Publishing 2010

"The Family," taken over a period of seven years, is the first book by young Swedish photographer Stefan Bladh. Over these years, Mr. Bladh befriended and followed a Turkish family as they floated through the outskirts of Istanbul, desperate and on the edge of homelessness but bounded by hope and love. The book is best described in Bladh's own words and in the words of A.Petersen, who wrote a short foreword to the book.Photos are in black and white until the last section, where they are in muted color.

"Istanbul, September 15, 2002. This is the first night I sleep at the home of the Kaplan family. We lay beside each other like a rosary, feet next to faces. Me at the end next to big brothr Ali, 20 years old. On the other side is dad Hüseyin, 40; snoring. The little ones are tucked into the middle. Above us is the booming noise of traffic, it's late in the summer and the air is raw and damp. I tug the blanket I stole from the hotel further up, over my nose, but the bitter cold and the acrid stench of garbage, urine and greasy food still gets through. Also, beyond that, there is the highway smell; exhaust fumes, asphalt, burned rubber." (Bladh)

"Stefan is passionately in love with people, which is not only a romantic attitude but also a longing for solidarity, belonging and identity. He meets his family everywhere, in or outside the cities. He explores, tastes and breathes everything in... Stefan is invited both as a friend and a photographer and he is aware of the responsibility this invitation brings." (Anders Petersen)


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