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Joan Fontcuberta
Landscapes without memory
HC 30 x 22 cm., 96 pp.
Aperture 2005

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"In Fontcuberta's hand photography has become a philosophical activity, not a pictorial one." Geoffrey Batchen -

In Landscapes without Memory, Fontcuberta has co-opted a piece of computer software originally designed for military or scientific use in rendering three-dimensional images of landscapes. The software enables the user to build photo-realistic models based on information scanned from two-dimensional sources?usually satellite surveys or cartographic data. With this widely available "freeware" as his starting point, Fontcuberta has created the two series that constitute his Landscapes without Memory. In the "Landscapes of Landscapes" series, Fontcuberta feeds the software fragments of pictures by Turner, Cézanne, Dalí, Stieglitz, Weston, and others, forcing the program to interpret a variety of landscape masterworks as "real". The contours and tones of these painted and photographic landscapes are transformed into three-dimensional mountains, rivers, valleys, and clouds. The vocabulary of art is thus transmuted into that of cartography.

"Joan Fontcuberta produces works that resemble paintings as much as they resemble photographs. They are neither." culturewars -


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