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John Gossage
Berlin in the Time of the Wall
HC, 26 x 34 cm., 461 pp.
Loosestife Editions 2004

Die Bedeutung ist offenkundig: Nach "Waffenruhe" das zweite Buch, das in diesem Ausmaß, in einer bisher nicht vorstellbaren Qualität sich dem Thema der geteilten Stadt Berlin widmet.
"So the Berlin you see in this book is of another time, a time when the Wall defined the city, its people, their thoughts and mine. Everyone will tell you a different story. It's all just memory now, a history book." (John Gossage)

"By allowing himself the freedom to fashion the images that compose Berlin in the Time of the Wall into so many different but related forms, Gossage pushes aside convention in order to reinvent how to look at the remains of history as if it were a living thing instead of a finite story." (Lightwork)


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