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John Gossage
Berlin in the time of the Wall
An exhibition about a book and its photographs
SC, 25 x 33 cm., o.pp.,
Stephen Daiter 2004

Catalogue containing Gerry Badger's essay and pages 85-96, 133-144, 265-276, 313-324, 361-372.

Nachdem der opulente Bildband bereits beinahe vergriffen ist, können wir momentan nur diesen aufwendigen Katalog aus Chicago anbieten.

"Berlin truly politicized Gossage's work. If prior to Berlin, he photographed the landscape with the inquisitive eye of the field archeologist, after that first visit to the city in 1982, John Gossage began to photograph with the darker eye of the forensic archeologist." -Gerry Badger

"I aim at photographing the past as present." -John Gossage


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