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Peter Beard
Zara´s Tales
Perilous Escapades in Equatorial Africa
HC 18 x 24 cm., 160 pp.
Knopf 2004

Zara's Tales is an intricately woven series of eleven irresistible stories told to Peter Beard's daughter, Zara, about his adventures in Kenya. His tales capture the essence of East Africa, bringing to life a cast of characters, including a 300-pound warthog named Thaka, who lived near his encampment. Man-eating lions and fifteen-foot crocodiles are part of every day life for Peter Beard, as he draws on the richness and diversity of East Africa to seduce the reader into a world of exploration, creativity, and excitement.
"What could possibly be next? Density and stress --aid and AIDS, deep blue computers and Nintendo robots, heart disease and cancer, liposuction and rhinoplasty, digital pets and Tamaguchi toys deliver us into the brave new world." Peter Beard--


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