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Warzone. The Battlefield of Peacekeeping
Beirut. Srebrenica. Kigali. Fallujah. Kandahar.
HC, 21 x 30 cm., 204 pp.
Noorderlicht 2010

"Over the past three decades, hundreds of thousands of Western troops have been dispatched to conflict areas in our name. There they have fought, performed humanitarian work and tried to keep an often fragile peace. They made sacrifices ? sometimes the ultimate sacrifice ? and underwent experiences that can hardly be understood by those back on the home front, who have known peace for over sixty years. But to what end? And with what consequences?
Through the work of over thirty photographers, and a number of literary and academic texts, Warzone sketches a picture of the experience a modern soldier has of war. At the same time it provides insight into the many fronts that contemporary war has: from the physical battlefield to the battle for public opinion, from the political discourse to the shadowy world of hidden interests ? and with that, into the chaos, madness and powerlessness surrounding war.
Warzone is a confrontational book about war and peace, comradeship and  hostility. It tries to penetrate into the experience of soldiers who are ready to risk everything, and offers a critical look at a world which demands that of them." (Borealis)
With essays by Hans Achterhuis, Ko Colijn, Auke Hulst, Jeroen Kramer, Jaus Müller, Joris Voorhoeve and Désirée Verweij.


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