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Lewis Baltz
The Prototype Works / Tract Houses / Industrial Parks
3 x HC in slipcase, 29 x 27 cm., o.pp.
Steidl / RAM /Whitney

Three hardcovers with dust jacket in a slipcase. Published for the first time The Tract Houses (1971) and his preliminary forays into a minimal aesthetic, as represented in the Prototype Works (1967 - 1976), illuminate Baltz´s drive to capture the reality of a sprawling Western ecology gone wild. Together with the New Industrial Parks near Irvine, CA, this trilogy reveals the indelible importance of Baltz in the changing course of contemporary photography.

Unglücklich diejenigen, die vor drei Jahren bereits die zweite Auflage der New Industrial Parks erwarben. Leider plant der Verlag keine Umtausch - Aktion. Glücklich alle diejenigen, die längst mal einen genaueren Blick auf das Frühwerk von Baltz werfen wollten.


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