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EU - Japan
In - between
Europe Today 2004 - 2005
Mit Fotografien von Takashi Homma (Denmark, Poland), Chihiro Minato (France, Greece), Koji Onaka (Latvia, Spain), Hiroshi Ono (Austria, Slovenia), Shuhei Motoyama (Luxembourg, Netherlands), Taji Matsue (U.K., Slovakia), Hiroh Kikai (Portugal, Malta), Tomoko Yoneda (Hungary, Estonia), Tomoki Imai (Lithuania, Belgium), Gozo Yoshimasu (Ireland), Osamu Kanemura (Germany, Finland), Noguchi Rika (Czech Republik, Cyprus).
SC 15 x 17,5 cm., 194 pp.
EU - Japan Fest Japan Committee 2005

13 Photographers, 25 Countries. Please also ask for complete set of 14 books. This catalogue features english/japanese texts by Frits Gierstberg, Yuki Takahata.

This additional volume of the In-between collection includes work from all 13 photographers involved. Apart from scenes of the 25 counties they visited for the Eyes on Europe project, we requested they bear in mind the themes named below in their photography. By bringing together the vision of all 13 photographers, the editorial committee seeks in this volume to reveal a Europe yet again distinct from that found in the individual In-between volumes. This collection is planned to include texts illuminating contemporary Europe.


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