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Bert Teunissen
Domestic Landscapes
A portrait of Europeans at home
HC 33 x 27 cm.

"The Domestic Landscape project can be described as a photographic search for interiors of old houses and their specific light and inhabitants. The photographed houses where all built before WW II. In those days natural light played an important role in architecture. Teunissen has been looking for houses where this natural light has been preserved. In his work this light has his special attention. After WW II it became easier and more common to install electricity, and because of the modern way of building, the importance of natural light disappeared. This is how these houses with their specific interiors slowly disappear from society.
Not only the light, but also the inhabitants are an important part of the interior. They've been faithful to their way of living and Teunissen respects them for it. The fascination for this subject stems from his childhood. Teunissen grew up in a similar old house in the Achterhoek. When he was about nine years old his parents renovated the house. After the renovation nothing remained of his childhood home, of which he knew the light and every brick so well." Bert Teunissen -


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