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John Gossage
13 Ways To Miss A Train
Linea veloce Bologna - Milano /1
SC, 29 x 22 cm., 52 pp.
Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contempoanea

"John Gossage is an artist who makes history present in photographs. He photographs places and sites that tell an everyday story: paths worn through abandoned tracts of land, corners where debris collects, markings on a wall, a table after a meal. Gossage photographs that which has just occurred to remind us that we may have already forgotten it happened or that we were there. By asking us look at what we have misplaced or abandoned he brings us face to face with the present as it becomes history." -Stephen Daiter Gallery

"This should give you the idea that when you go somewhere else, you bring who you are, and what you've become, with you, and you misinterpret things. It's that disjuncture of being a foreigner. I wanted to get that, to reinforce that disjunction between what something means, what something looks like and what something might be." John Gossage


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