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Stanley Greene
Black passport. Journal eines Kriegsfotografen
SC, 17 x 22,5 cm., o.pp. - German Ed.!
Benteli 2009

Black Passport is the biography of the life of war photographer Stanley Greene. It shows Greene?s war images alternated with private images. The viewer makes acquaintance with Stanley?s friends, his wife (later ex-wife), his female friends and his colleagues. Just as Greene himself, the viewer experiences being tossed to and from between the safe western life and the horrors of wars elsewhere. What effect does this work ? the confrontation with horrors ? have on his character? How does it influence his relationships, his loved ones and friends?...With the exception of one flashback, Stanley?s story is told chronologically in the book. The 26 scenes are given shape by 26 photograpic portfolios, each beginning with a short monologue. These monologues are never longer than one page, so that they do not disturb the rhythm of the book. The typography is detached and serves to support the spoken character of the monologue. The editing is filmic, the layout rough as in a sketch book. All photos are displayed on black pages. (Schilt Publishing)


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